V.M.V. Scheulenburg - strong connectors for high quality furniture manufacturers

V.M.V. Scheulenburg

V.M.V. Scheulenburg was founded in 2002 by German Furniture Fitting Manufacturers as a sales organisation for their own products. Since then further manufacturer joined. Together with independent R & D / Design companies we developed new products like MEGA cam, Ki.Si. dowel, CD / DVD storage units, adjustable door catches a.s.o. All products shown in our catalogue are made by our partner companies. We are not a distributor.

Nowadays we supply furniture manufacturers all over Europe with standard - or customized fittings.

V.M.V. Scheulenburg - sole agent, company representative, development, production and sales of innovative fittings to the furniture industry.

V.M.V. = a sales cooperation of independent furniture fitting manufacturers

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